Update to Hrun done today

Not sure how I always miss new dokuwiki releases, but I did again. So updated to Hrun today and everything seems to be up and wokring well. I almost lost my setup here on Debian Hosting but thanks to a benevolent benefactor whose initials are m.o.m. I will not have to lose my setup. And I am very grateful to say the least. Not only does this setup power this here dokuwiki but also my owncloud and ttrss instances as well. So a big thank you to m.o.m. for your kind donation to the cause.

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Update done today

Ok Updated to a new version dokuwiki today sorry for any downtime.

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Registration is Disabled

After doing some work on the site the other day, I noticed I had over 13,000 users that had registered. I was a might shocked to say the least. I thought I had turned registration off, but guess I missed it. So I had to remove over 13,000 registrations as they were all spam spreding morons anyway. So for now registration is off and will stay off. I am thinking about creating a email address that you could send your request to, to become a member of the Vault but have not decided on this for sure yet or not. If you feel I should open this up because you must absolutely register and be a member of the Vault then leave your comment here and I will think about opening it up.

I have no problems with people being a member at all but I will have final say on who gets approved and who does not.

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If you believe in privacy on the internet and are upset at the recent ongoings with the NSA then you really need to go this site


And get setup to participate in this.

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Some minor tweaks

Well made some tweaks to the theme today. Not a real big fan of the bright white shadows around everything. These changes make the site much easier to read and I think it smoothes out the transition down the page. Hopefully everyone likes it as much as me.

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More Snow

Well it started snowing late last night and is supposed to continue through the rest of today, 3 - 5 inches are possible. So now everyone can have their happy holidays because they have snow for christmas. All this means for me is I get to shovel snow.

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How Ironic

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Well said Scotty

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My Firefox OS Phone

So a few weeks ago I purchased the above phone. It is the ZTE Mozilla Firefox OS phone, you buy the phone outright, it is a unlocked gsm phone and then you find a carrier to handle the phone service. My previous phones were blackerry's and Android based phones, but as time has gone along and the insanity of the privacy violations that have come to light I was looking for a phone that would not be plauged by this mess. That and the mess of a new phone comes out every six months and if you do not keep up you end up being behind. And being beholden to a company like Verizon was no fun as well.

So I gave up my android phone quite a while ago and was completely phone less. This really was not a bad thing at all but, for some things having a phone in my pocket sure would of been nice. So as Firefox OS started to take shape I kept an eye on it, and finally this phone became available so I decided to get back into the phone game.

Ordering was simple and it only costs 79.99 with free shipping so really couldn't beat that. I have been playing with it for a few weeks now and it has been some ups and downs. Let me start with the big one, the email app on the phone only works with Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. This was a very large disappointment as I do not use any of those services. I have heard there is a fix upstream so hopefully at some time in the future this gets fixed. Another thing that has bugged me about this phone is it cannot keep time at all. If you set it to automatically keep time it ends up way behind. So I set mine to manually set the time and every few days I have to adjust it back to the correct time, it is like it just loses minutes by the day. Not sure what that is about but really it is minor. Another thing that would probably drive people nuts is not being able to set different ring tones for different things. I found that rather odd, but still not a show stopper for me.

The camera is nothing to brag about no flash so make sure you have good lighting when you take a picture. The gallery app is pretty flaky as well I have taken pictures and they don't show up in the gallery til the next day. No idea so don't ask me ask upstream maybe they could tell you why. I was personally disappointed that the music player did not play FLAC either. My whole music collection is in FLAC and was hoping to keep some of my music on my phone, but unless I re-rip them to another format I cannot. This is minor though I guess as well I was just hoping an open phone would handle open codecs. One other thing this phone is missing is no flashing leds for messages or missed phone calls. Now that I think is more the phone maker ZTE's issue than Firefox OS.

Ok well on to the good things about this phone, it does run quite smooth, at least for the things I have been doing on it. Surfing the web is quite smooth on it. All applications of course are written in HTML5. There is whole section on the phone for just news and other mobile sites. I found that a really slick feature. Adding apps is quite easy as Firefox OS comes with its own Marketplace, which has updated twice since I purchased the phone btw, which has really a lot of apps. I was not expecting a lot of apps but there really is and more and more keep showing up each week. The notes app works quite nicely as does most of the standard ones that come installed. One I reccommend is Loqui which is a messaging app and just updated today some time before I sat down to write this. It handles many messaging protocols and of course it handles my favorite XMPP. Since the first time I used it to the update today this app is coming along quite nicely. There is also wonderful wallpaper which I found to be a prety cool app as well. They have all your standard apps as well Facebook, twitter etc etc. The calendar app syncs with my owncloud server so that takes care of calendar on the phone. You can also sync it with other services as well I just use owncloud. The contacts app is very nice as well, it is your typical contacts app really nothing shocking but it just works.

Weather Underground also has an app and that was the first one I installed, I am a big fan of weather underground so to see that app on the marketplace was very exciting to me. It also has a calculator and a video player, both of which I have not used much but they do work. All in all for 79.99 and this is suppose to be a low end entry phone it has worked very well for me. Granted a few things need to be fixed but a new release of Firefox OS has just recently been released so I am hoping to see a upgrade soon on my phone. Hopefully this will fix some of these issues as well. As far as the phone plan I went to a local provider near me and for 40.00 a month got unlimited talk text and web, so I really can't complain about that. The 3g has been spotty at best so I pretty much have to be connected to a wireless connection to get any data, but that is my choice of phone service not the phone itself. The phone is capable of 3G and if I switched to some other larger carrier would probably have a good data connection when not near a wireless access point.

So to wrap this up I am going to continue to support Firefox OS by buying and using these phones. I would like to get one of the more powerful ones that they have in Europe but those have not been released here in the U.S. yet so I have to wait. This really is a great product and I really enjoy it. Also being run by the Mozilla Foundation you know there goal is to keep the web yours and mine and privacy is a major concern of theirs as well. So I really have to support that as well.

If you are interested in trying out Firefox OS and you use Firefox there is a extension that you can install in Firefox to check it out before you even decide to make a purchase. That is what I did I was already quite familiar with the OS before my phone even got here, and you find that extension right here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firefox-os-simulator/?src=ss So install that in your Firefox web browser and check it out, it is defintely worth the look.

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Ahh my days off

My days off are often very very busy, always catching up on chores and projects there isn't much time to really sit down and relax.Sunday was quite busy lots of laundry, dishes and general clean up, but I did get to watch some football and Darth Packer Pnut showed up as well to watch the game. Plus my wife had a big meeting at the house about Z's benefit which is coming this weekend. Putting on the final touches for the big event. Monday was busy as well, got the bathrooms all cleaned up and more dishes of course. Then made my way out to the garage a project that has needed to be done for a while now. Pnut and Zayden came out to help and we spent the day outside just hanging out and cleaning up the garage. Cleaning out tool boxes, re-arranging and sweeping it all out. It turned out quite well.

We got hungry and took a break for lunch and had some pleasant conversation, mostly Z conversating actually. Then we went back out to finish up. Later in the day Pnut wanted to go for a walk so off we went. The evening was some pizza Monday Night Football, which was pre-empted by Pnut wanting to watch Turtle Man and Gator Boys, but at least during commercials she would let me check the score of the game. All in all an excellent day spent with my kids, at the end of the day dad was exhausted.

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